Pourpoxy Metallic Pigments

Metallic pigment explanation

Metallic pigments are the most commonly used pigments for epoxy. These Pigments are used for Rivertables and resin art. Our pigments are economically friendly in use what means: with about 10 grams of powder you can fully color 1500 grams of epoxy.

In addition to that with Smaller amounts of Pourpoxy metallic epoxy pigments you can make the color more transparent with shimmer effects throughout your piece!

You can mix the different kind of pigments with each other for spectacular effects. Combine multiple Metallic pigments for a unique color. Metallic epoxy pigments are used in crystal clear Epoxy Resin and roller coating.

Choose between 24 different metallic epoxy pigments in powder form. In addition all our metallic pigments are available in bulk packages with high volume discounts. In other words, check them out

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