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Transparent pigment color combinations!

pourpoxy transparent pigment color combinations

Hello! I’m going to show you how to make more colors by using our 14 basic colors to create more than ….. colors !
In the transparent pigment color combination table below you can see all the combinations with the corresponding droplet ratio.

Good news, these are not all colors yet.

You can make many more unique colors with these 14 transparent base colors of pourpoxy. Try it yourself and come to new discoveries. Try combining transparent pigment with metallic pigments to get a sparkle in your desired transparent cast.

As we said before, the table below contains a whole list of colors that can be created with our transparent colors. These amount of transparent color droplets are based of mixing them in 1000 grams Epoxy resin.

Explanation transparent pigment color combination table from left to right:

  • In the first column of the table you can see the transparent pourpoxy pigment colors you need to create the color in the column on the far right.
  • The second column indicates how many drops of each color are needed to create the color. You can duplicate this for larger quantities. Like we said before all these colors are based on 1000 grams of epoxy.
  • The Third column indicates the color you can create with the right droplets. For example to make turquoise transparent you take 10 droplets of Blue transparent and 5 droplets of Yellow transparent. This will create turquoise!

DID YOU MAKE A NEW COLOR?? Let us know we will add it and call it how you want.

transparent pigment color
transparent mixing ratio Table

Check this out!

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