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What casting epoxy do i need to use?

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You must be curious about our epoxy casting resins. In this guide we put all our epoxy resins side by side to make it as clear as possible which resin you need for your project! Epoxy does have many different applicabilities. We want to guide you through what it possible with Epoxy resin.

Take a look at the tables below to see which casting resin you need.

Still don’t know what to choose? Send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

Epoxy guide from our partner in South Africa

Our casting epoxyTable topCasting epoxyDeep casting EpoxyResin art Epoxy
Mixing ratio by weight Resin component (A) : Hardener component (B)100 : 553 : 12 : 12 : 1
Resin art~~~
Application examplesTable topCasting epoxyDeep casting EpoxyResin art Epoxy
Coating and sealing of tables, worktops and other furniture/objects~
Sealing images~X
Casting epoxy river tables~~~
Casting moulds~~
Production of jewelry and smaller castings up to 2 cm highX~
Casting of larger castings in one goXXX
High gloss photo castingXX
Insulation of electrical circuits and terminalsXX
Use in aircraft, ship and model making~X
Creating epoxy coasters~X
Creating an organite~x
Bonding and sealing of concrete, wood, plastic or carbon fiber~~X
Suitable for latheX
Suitable for polishing
FeaturesTable topCasting epoxyDeep casting EpoxyResin art Epoxy
Maximum casting height per casting process (higher achievable in small quantity) *5mm2-3 cm1-5cm5 mm
Demolding18 hours24 hours72 hours24 hours
Potlife (20°C)50min. (250g)120min. (500g)240 min. (10kg)40min. (600g)
Minimum application temperature15°C15°C15°C15°C
Maximum application temperature 25°C25°C25°C25°C
Maximum permissible humidity during processing60-80%60-80%60-80%60-80%
Maximum Material Shrinkage After Application1%1%2%1%
Softening time at 20°C25 min.60 min.100 min.30 min.
Sanding / Grinding / Polishing24 hours36 hours120 hours36 hours
Fully cured7 days7 Days14 Days5 Days
More featuresTable topCasting epoxyDeep casting EpoxyResin art Epoxy
✓ Does apply | X Does not apply
Transparent resin
Crystal clear curing
Max. possible UV protection **
Crystallization stability6
Resistant to chemicals
Scratch resistant
Doming effect (depth effect)XX
Mixable with color pigments of Pourpoxy
High adhesive strength
density g/cm31.
Shore hardness after curing82828084

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