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Epoxy resin to Pour your own river table, create your own metallic floor or create your own resin art painting. Use casting epoxy in combination with other materials to create lamps, jewelry , Resin art, custom furniture, wood, glass, plastics, carbon and glass fibers items, terra, aquarium, construction and modeling, Level your tabletops and Create a stunning Kitchen countertops. Add Metallic and colored pigments to our epoxy to make your projects even more unique.

Our epoxy resin is highly transparent (crystal clear) They contain a uv blocker which prevents the epoxy from turning yellow over time.

Are you looking for high quality epoxy? Well you are on the right page. Thanks to our unique formulation, our epoxy casting resin is suitable for a wide range of applications. From the casting of epoxy river tables, to creating resin art, to the production of complex moulded parts, to the coating of metallic floors.

Casting epoxy is a synthetic resin that is fairly thin so it can be mixed easily.  It must be mixed from two separate components before actual processing. In this process, the actual resin is mixed with a specially adapted hardener. The mixing of resin and hardener triggers a chemical reaction. In addition, this reaction also allows the initially liquid resin to harden within a certain time.

Cast resin is popular for a wide variety of art, do-it-yourself and hand craft projects because it initially has a relatively low viscosity. This allows the casting resin to flow even into very narrow cavities and small openings. However, the casting resin with a very low viscosity needs all the longer to cure time complete. Cast resin products with their special properties are usually purchased for very specific projects for which they are the optimum material. 

That is why we have a range of 4 products suitable for your project you can use it for a wide range of applications. Check out which epoxy resin suits your project on guides page or contact our customer service to help you find a suitable epoxy resin. 

Pourpoxy epoxy resin collection
Ocean blue metallic epoxy pourpoxy

Why you should use Pourpoxy Epoxy resin.

We offer you high quality, clear and UV resistant epoxy. Our epoxy resin do stand out due to high quality raw materials made in our own controlled production facility. At the best possible market prices for you.

The synthetic resin is suitable for both hobby applications and industrial purposes. Our odorless and fast curing resin can be processed easily and without harmful odors. At ambient temperatures of 20°C, our resin is completely dry in 20 to 72 hours.

Achieve ultra clear transparent castings or most awesome resin art castings and paintings make river tables with our Deep Casting Resin the maximum layer thickness is 5cm but can be poured up to 10 cm in a controlled environment. More about layer thickness and all other applicabilities with our different resins can be found Here: POURPOXY RESINS.

Our epoxy casting resin is also ideal for electrical insulation. By applying to electrical components and cables you increase optimal contact protection.

Practical resin hardener sets give you everything you need for coating. Just mix the right resin with the right hardener and use our epoxy casting resin. All resins have easy to use mix ratio. The mix ratio’s our products are different it is really important that you use the right mixing ratio. We sell our resins in almost all sizes starting from 300 or 500 grams to test it out!

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Metallic pigment set 24 X 10 Gram | All colors Pourpoxy Metallic

49,95 Incl. VAT
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Outer Space Pigment pack includes 6 Colors

19,95 Incl. VAT
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Caribbean Sea Pigment pack includes 6 Colors

19,95 Incl. VAT
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