Casting epoxy resin Pourpoxy Layers up to 3 CM

from 24,95

Casting Epoxy Resin is Mainly used for making River tables, Filling moulds that require a quick curing time.

Always use Protection when using Epoxy!



Casting epoxy resin Pourpoxy Layers up to 3 CM

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What customers say

Sandra B
Super Service!
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Excellent service! The whatsapp chat helped me incredibly well with my questions about resin art. I will definitely buy from pourpoxy again.
Bram Reinhard
Nice and fast delivery
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Neatly delivered on time. Good reporting. Excellent.
Good Service
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Firstly I sent a message on whatsapp asking which epoxy I needed for an idea I had in mind. Super helpful and fast delivery to home.
Alma van Galen
Can be better
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Order did not arrive on time. Products are excellent none the less!
Dennis de Jager
pleasant products
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Pleasant products, fast service. I had placed 2 orders in a row because I forgot something they noticed it and send me everything in one piece even returned the money reserved for shipping! Awesome!
Dirk Bode
Very Satisfied
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Smooth service followed by excellent advice and guidance in epoxy. I order here again!
Peter van Oostrom
Nice company
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Good product!
Netty van Rijthoven
everything went smoothly
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smooth delivery.
Rudy Ketels
Fantastically fast delivery.
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Order arrived on time, The customer service will help you through problems and the quality of Epoxy is really top-notch especially for making works of art
Sir Smits
delivery was Late
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Delivery was late but I got my pigmentand what a nice colors!!!
Samantha v H.
Website is good but could be better
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Order went fine! but the website itself was quite hard to navigate.. Maybe look into this? Pigments look awesome!
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everything delivered on time.
Arjan Mulder
Good company
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I like the company, I was not familiar with epoxy yet, but when I ask questions I get a clear answer and a good explanation. Furthermore, the order was delivered neatly and according to agreement.
Stefan de Jong
Great service
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Great service, all the questions neatly answered.
Jouke de Rooij
After multiple order finally a review
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Ordered many times at Pourpoxy, delivery is fast. Everything neatly packaged. Also received good advice by WhatsApp when i asked for it! Great doing it this way so quick and easy!

Product Description

This is the epoxy casting resin you need to create beautiful pieces of art. Due to its main property a fast curing time for thicker layers it is easy to create epoxy resin project in short amounts of time. Create beautiful masterpieces yourself!

Super easy mixing ratio!

Mixing ratio by weight 3 Parts A : 1 Part B.

✔Crystal clear Epoxy
✔Layers up to 3CM no matter the surface size.
✔UV stabilized long brightness guarantee
✔Scratch-free surface.
✔Good adhesion to substrate.
✔Water resistant after curing.
✔Use outdoors after curing due to its UV resistance.
✔Self-ventilating and leveling.
✔Low viscosity causing bubbles to rise to the surface.
✔Casting up to 5 CM in a small space.
✔Easy to color with Pourpoxy Pigments.
✔3:1 mixing ratio by weight

✘Not suitable to pour thicker layers than 3cm on a bigger surface.

Epoxy casting resin from Pourpoxy

It is a casting resin based on epoxy resin which indicates that a chemical compound mixed together hardens the material. This is done by mixing the B-component with the A-component.

The casting resin is intended for transparent castings up to 3 cm regardless of the size of the surface. Therefore, it is suitable, for example, for tables, river tables, filling moulds or making serving trays.

This layer protects and gives a beautiful glass-like appearance. With a thick layer of epoxy casting epoxy resin you can turn your old and worn table into a work of art again. Moreover, the casting resin contains a UV Blocker. This ensures that your casting has a high UV resistance and can therefore also be used outside the house when cured.

Combine casting epoxy resin with our Metallic and transparent pigments in no less than 40 colors!

How to use casing resin from Pourpoxy:

TIP: First of all, make sure that the object you want to cast is level.

Our Thick layers of casting resin are easy to use. The product comes in 2 parts. 1 part A-component Epoxy and 1 part B-component hardener. Before casting your project these parts need to be mixed with each other.

The mixing ratio of this product 3 Parts A : 1 Part B

Pour your project in a dry and clean location with a minimum processing temperature of 15 degrees and a maximum of 25 degrees.

The use of mixing spatulas as opposed to an electric mixer is recommended to ensure that the product remains airless. This ensures that there are fewer air bubbles in your product. During the pouring you will experience that air bubbles rise to the surface. You can easily make these bubbles disappear by going over them with a gas burner. Do this about 2 to 3 times. Or try one of the other ways you can find here.


When using epoxy always wear protection like gloves and safety glasses! If you are not in a ventilated area use a respirator!

product properties:

  • Processing time of the product is 60 minutes at 20 degrees.
  • The maximum layer thickness is set to a maximum of 3 centimeters.
  • After 24 hours dust dry. Overcoatable after 36 hours.
  • Full cure time is 7  days.
  • Sandable after 3 days at 20 degrees.
  • To cast a surface of 1 m2 with 1mm you need 1 kg.
  • After curing the surface has a hardness of 80 on the Shore-D scale.
  • Because of this hardness, the surface has a scratch-free finish. (High degree of Scratch Resistance)

TIP: Use the Pourpoxy Table Top epoxy  to seal your table after the big pour for a high gloss result.✔

Applications of casting epoxy:

  • Sealing your wooden tabletop.
  • Making a river table.
  • Re-coloring your current table.
  • Casting a new bar table.
  • Making serving trays.
  • Coasters.
  • Making a new kitchen top.
  • Pouring objects in moulds.
  • Casting a new side table.

Help i do not know what Kind of epoxy i should use?!

Check out the link to find out What epoxy you need?.

For any other questions about the product or applicability send us a message!

What do you get?
With an order of the Pourpoxy casting Epoxy you will receive:

  • A- Component Epoxy
  • B-Component Hardener

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